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Drivers of electric cars like to have charging stations located along busy roads. At locations where you can drink a cup of coffee or where you can check your e-mail. Hotel Castle Bloemendal therefore offers the latest charging techniques for your electric car.

Charging station

We are prepared for the future with the charging points of The New Motion. All your loading sessions are easy to see through the website. After a healthy night's sleep at Hotel Castle Bloemendal, your car is ready for a new road trip.

Hotel Castle Bloemendal currently has 4 'Business Pro' charging points with a max. capacity of 11 - 22 kW (Dynamic load balancing software).

The New Motion App

If you use The New Motion App you can search all our charging points at Van der Valk, you can also see which points are occupied or free and you can log in at a charging point that is busy. As soon as it is released you will receive a notification so that you can start a loading session.

Read more about our collaboration with The New Motion.